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Basement Renovation Service

Basement Renovation Services

We Are V Star Renovation

Basement Renovation - Durham Region & GTA

V Star Renovation offers industry leading basement renovation services thoughout Durham Region & GTA. From minor mixes to complete basement renovation, V Star Renovation is the one to call.
As a full-service interior renovation company, V Star Renovation has been servicing residents across Durham Region & GTA for over a decade. Our team has extensive experince in all facets of basement renovation, allowing us to provide basement renovation services that are unmatched.
Basement Renovation is the answer!
Basement rennovation in Durham Region

Professional Renovation Service

Basement Renovation - Benefits

Starting a basement renovation will add great value to your home. As well as provide you more usable space to enjoy. Whether you're looking to do a complete basement renovation or perform some repairs, or touch-ups V Star Renovation is the team for you.
For many homeowners, basement is often a neglected space in the house; which often turns into a storage room. However, basement renovations can increase your home value almost as much as a kitchen renovation does.

A newly renovated basement can also help reduce energy use while increasing the usable living space in your home.
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Add new life to your basement

Reasons To Renovate

V Star Renovation's basement renovation service presents you with the opportunity to turn your basement into a livable space.
Great benefits of a basement renovation:
  • Adds value to your home
  • Extra space to rent out
  • Create your own dream space
  • Extra usable space
  • Extra bedroom / bathroom / kitchen

Other Renovation ideas

Add a full bathroom, kitchen, painting, and living room to create an apartment. This extra apartment - basement, adds huge value to your home; plus you can rent it out if you are not on the market to sell.

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We Are V Star Renovation

Basement Flooring

Any basement flooring renovation needs to be both beatiful and durable. Basement flooring can be very susceptible to damage, moisture, and mold. That's why it is very important to do this job once and do it right.

V Star Renovation can install many different basement flooring renovation options, all of which are designed to keep your basement warm, comfortable, and beautiful for many years to come.

V Star Renovation can convert your existing basement into extra space for a growing family. Our team can maximize your space’s potential, manage the project from start to finish and add to the value of your home.
  • Whitby Flooring
  • Oshawa Flooring
  • Pickering Flooring
When traditional flooring materials like organic carpeting, chipboard and wood are placed on a concrete basement floor, moisture collects between the flooring and the concrete floor. Over time that moisture will be absorbed by the materials on top and lead to mold, rot, and musty odors.
  • Ajax Flooring
  • Scarborough Flooring
  • Markham Flooring
Since basements are vulnerable to humidity from the concrete below, it's important that your flooring will not be damaged by moisture. Organic materials like wood and carpeting will eventually grow mold, mildew, and rot. That's why we use flooring systems that are specifically designed to withstand basement moisture and leaks
  • Vaughn Flooring
  • North York Flooring
  • Toronto Flooring
basement flooring renovation service custom tiles durham region & gta

Basement Flooring - Durham Region

If a new basement flooring renovation sounds like the right option for your home, call the local experts at V Star Renovation today. We will help you evaluate your basement and choose the best flooring option for your needs. Contact us today to get started with a free estimate on all our basement waterproofing products. in Durham Region & GTA

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Basement Flooring - GTA

The multiple outcomes you can achieve from our number of flooring renovation products can decorate your basement in a wide variety of styles. We can also install custom carpeting.

Basement specific tiles create a vapor barrier on the concrete floor that will keep humidity from affecting your custom carpets on top. This will result in comfortable and healthy carpet in your finished basement.

basement flooring renovation faucet services durham region & gta

Basement Flooring - V Star Renovation

The process of renovating your basement can be overwhelming. That's why selecting the right contractor to renovate is the key. Our team at V Star Renovation will provide the expertise and experience needed for your Basement Flooring Renovation Service with full transparancey throughout the project.

From start to finish, we will be right there with you going over all the process. Contact us now, for a free basement renovation quote in Durham Region & GTA.

Home owners throughout Durham Region and GTA count on us for their basement renovation.

Starting a Basement Kitchen Renovation?

V Star Renovation bring extensive kitchen renovation experience, professional equipment, expert craftsmen to every job to build the basement of your dream. Our team offers complete basement renovation services throughout Durham Region & GTA.
V Star Renovation is committed to providing high-quality kitchen renovation services. We offer an all around kitchen renovation service; whether it's painting, flooring, or you require handyman service, we are there for all your home renovation needs. Our team of talented experts provides services in Durham Region & GTA.

Kitchen Renovation

Having a complete kitchen in the basement is a great renovation investment. Complete basements offer other opportunities for homeowners. Having a rentable space is a huge luxury. It can help bring in additional income.
Our home improvement professionals install and repair kitchen countertops of all types, including laminate, marble, granite, quartz, natural stone and more. From fashioning a custom oak bar to installing a butcher block countertop, our professionals will complete all your custom countertop installation projects with just one call.
basement kitchen renovation service custom island installation durham region basement kitchen countertop renovation service durham region and gta
Common Basement Renovations

Kitchen Renovation Service

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens are the centerpiece of any modern home, and the focus of everyday life and entertainment. This is also where we spend most of our time while at home. They go through a lot of cleaning and scrubbing; which is why ceramic tile flooring is perfect for any kitchen. It makes cleaning incredibly easy, all while giving an amazing aesthetic quality to the kitchen.

Bathroom Renovation Service

Bathroom Renovation

Thinking of renovating your bathroom, V Star Renovation has the solution for you. V Star Renovation can turn your bathroom into your personal sanctuary. By installing new ceramic tile flooring your bathroom will be more resistant to heat and water; all while providing you with a great design.

Bedroom Renovation Service

Bedroom Renovation Service

If your thinking of renovating the flooring of your home, then you've come to the right place. V Star Renovation understands the powerful design element great flooring can bring to the beauty of your home. And we will do everything we can to make your new flooring renovation dream turn into a reality.

We Are V Star Renovation

Basement Painting Renovation

Basement painting renovation is a great and cost effective way to breathe new life to your basement. The effect color has on a room is undeniable. Whether you're thinking of making your basement a kids play room, an entertainment center, a lounge, or a bar. Painting can give it that finishing touch to make it complete. We offer a wide array of painting renovation services; for you basement, kitchen, bathrooms, etc..

From studio apartments to large homes, and commercial businesses, we have the experience and expertise to get your painting renovation done right the first time.

basement painting Renovation Service
basement painting Renovation Service
basement paitning renovation oshawa | V Star Renovation

We Are V Star Renovation

Durham Region & GTA Painting Renovation

Starting a basement painting renovation will do more than just improve it's appearance; it'll also protect your home from porous concrete moisture that can accumulate. A painting project can bring a whole new life to a dark gloomy basement, all while protecting it and keeping it safe.

We paint with precision, covering every minor detail, and leaving no room for imperfection. Once we are done, we walk through the project with you and make sure you are satisfied.

Transparency is key with every major project. We take pride in our complete transparancy approach to renovation, we explain every step of the process and are always available by phone, text, or email to answer any questions you may have.

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