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Bathroom Renovation Services

Bathroom Renovation Services

Local to Durham Region and GTA

Professional Bathroom Renovation Services

V Star Renovation will work closely with you to build your dream bathroom. We can do minor repairs, to maintenance and even complete bathroom renovation. Clients from Durham Region and GTA have continuously relied on us to renovate their bathroom. From showers, to sinks, to floors, or total bathroom renovation, we deliver the best results.
Bathroom renovation toilet and sink

We know how to build your dream Bathroom

Bathroom renovations are great if you are looking to sell your home or modernize it. V Star Renovation can turn your bathroom dream into a reality. We have successfully helped multiple clients throughout Durham Region and GTA upgrade their bathrooms.

A bathroom is a place for you to relax and recuperate, and it should definitely be on your list of areas to keep pleasant and inviting. Whether that’s getting some brand-new lighting system installed, repairing a sink / faucet, or installing a new shower head. Your bathroom should be functional and pleasing. We understand how big of a headache a non-functional bathroom can be; that’s why V Star Renovation provides full service for any bathroom renovation project you might have. We have serviced both residential and commercial clients throughout Durham Region and GTA with their bathroom renovation problems.

Contact us to schedule a quote for your bathroom renovation service. A new functional bathroom makes a world of difference, it can truly complete your feel of being at home. Durham Region and GTA customers have gotten big returns on their bathroom upgrades.

Make 2023 the year to renovate your bathroom

We Are V Star Renovation

Renovating Durham Region and GTA

V Star Renovation offers commercial and residential bathroom services. From minor fixes, lighting to complete bathroom renovation, and layout change.
A lot went into building a bathroom you feel comfortable to use, and you need everything there to work as expected. We also understand downtime on of these items in your bathroom can be a headache; whatever the project might be, we will perform quality workmanship to satisfy our clients.
durham region bathroom renovation stand-up shower

Modern Corner Bathroom Installation

Bathrooms needs to be a place you can relax. A modern bathroom can complete your feel of being at home. Modernizing your bathroom can be in the form of minor upgrades from fixtures, flooring, or lighting. But there is a wealth of options to renovating your bathroom, from extensions, to re configuring your layout, installing new shower or total bathroom renovation. V Star Renovation will work with your budget to meet your needs. We can help with your project anywhere in Durham Region and GTA.

stand-up shower renovation gta

Walkin Shower Installation

A modern bathroom will improve your living quality, and increase the value of your home. Modernizing your bathroom also improves it’s functionality. With more advanced products out these days, such as faucets, shower heads, sinks, toilets, etc.. bathroom renovations can help improve your plumbing, and decrease your water bill. Don’t let a plumbing issue plague your bathroom from being usable. V Star Renovation has helped clients throughout Durham Region and GTA modernize their bathrooms.

bathroom renovation before after of bath tub
bathroom renovation before after of entire bathroom
bathroom renovation before after of toilet and flooring
V Star Renovation can help make your bathroom renovation vision a reality!
bathroom renovation, custom lighting, vanity, and shower

Professional Service

Durham Region Bathroom Renovation

One of the most frequently requested areas to renovate for any homeowner after the kitchen. Because it is an invasive area to work on for any homeowner. The downtime is something we are aware of and V Star Renovation will be focused on getting the job done on time and on budget for our clients. We are also conscious of minimizing the disturbance and mess that can be involved during the renovation process.
V Star Renovation will work with you to decide on important design decisions that wont break your budget. We will help you with every aspect of your bathroom; flooring, vanity, lighting, showerheads, bath tubs, toilets, sinks, and more. V Star Renovation has worked with hundreds of clients in Durham Region and GTA and worked with different sizes and budgets. When it comes to your bathroom renovation project we have got you covered.
bathroom renovation ceramic tiling

Dynamic Project Size

GTA Bathroom Renovations

At V Star Renovation we have taken many large and small-scale jobs to fit the needs of both commercial and residential clients throughout Durham Region and GTA. We will help you assess the right way to approach your bathroom renovation need, and help you build the bathroom of your dream. Our professional staff will work closely with you to complete your bathroom renovation on time and on budget to satisfy your needs. V Star Renovation is quality driven and we go the extra mile to satisfy our clients with the work we do. You can see the wonderful reviews our clients have left us from Durham Region and GTA about the great bathroom renovation service they received from us.

Toilet Installation

A great way to freshen up your bathroom is to replace the toilet. It can improve on your home efficiency and save you on plumbing, and water consumption. We also repair your current toilets.

Tile Installation

Whether it’s your bathroom flooring, backsplash, or tiles in your shower. We offer full service for any tiling problem you might have; repairs, maintenance, and installation.

Bathroom mirror & Vanity

Thinking of renovating your current vanity? Once you pick out a new one V Star Renovation will handle the rest. We will remove and dispose the old vanity, expertly install the new vanity and have the plumbing setup as well.

Why renovate your bathroom?


Water, plumbing, and lighting


Great investment to increase property value

At Rest

Bathrooms complete the feeling of being at home

Extending your bathroom

Whether you need more room and prefer a larger layout. Or your current bathroom is simply dated.

Extra Bathroom

Having an additional bathroom greatly increases the value of your home, and gives everyone more bathroom time.

Accommodate for life

Make your bathroom easily accessible for seniors and those with disabilities. Having an easily accessible bathroom can greatly improve their experience.

bathroom renovation vanity, mirror and wall tiling

We Are V Star Renovation

Bathroom Tiling

Due to the nature of your bathroom, dealing with heavy moisture from hot showers and using up a lot of water. It’s a good idea to have tiles installed not just on your bathroom flooring but also on your walls. Ceramic, stone, and glass are one of the most popular tiling materials to cover your bathroom walls for renovation. Durham Region and GTA clients have consistently relied on V Star Renovation for their bathroom tiling renovation. We will help you find the right tiling for your floor and walls. Tiling is also great for other areas of your home:

We Are V Star Renovation

Bathroom Vanity Installaion

There are thousands of options when it comes to your bathroom vanity to meet your aesthetic taste. Whether you like robust durability of engineered stone, elegant look of marble, or the appearance of ceramic. V Star Renovation can help you decide on a vanity that fits your design choice, meets your size needs and fits your budget.

V Star Renovation will work with you to safely remove the old vanity, disconnect the plumbing and dispose of it. After you have a new vanity picked out, we will handle the rest. V Star Renovation has installed new vanities throughout Durham Region and GTA for over 10 years. Poor installation will not only make any vanity material look bad, but it will fail on you sooner, costing you more. Make sure you choose the right contractor for this job, choose V Star Renovation.

bathroom renovation custom sink, vanity and flooring
custom bathroom renovation with stand-up shower and bath tub

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Bathroom Fans

Bathrooms are one of the main producers of mold in your home, and a bathroom fan is a great protection against that. Bathrooms use a lot water, from steamy hot showers to relaxing baths, all this can produce moisture which can lead to mold. Leaving all the moisture unchecked can also peel away the wonderful paint you have in your bathroom. This is why we recommend having a fan installed or repairing the one your have. Fans also prevent:

Everyone deserves to have a bathroom that they love and feel comfortable using. If you need to upgrade your current bathroom with a renovation, you have reached the right place. Our professionals have serviced clients from Durham Region and GTA for over 10 years. We will get the job done correctly and on time.

A bathroom can feel brand new with even the smallest changes like lighting or sinks and faucets or to something bigger like having new tiles or installing new vanity. We can do the heavy lifting for you, and save you the headache.

Bathroom Sinks and Faucets

Whether you are looking to install a new large bathroom sink or install two sinks. There is a sink style that will fit your needs. From different sizes and shapes to different materials; you can choose your sink and we will get it installed.

Your bathroom faucet, besides working functionally, it needs to fit your design taste and fit into the aesthetic of your bathroom seamlessly. We will help you choose a faucet that will compliment your bathroom and perform better, saving you on your water consumption. Durham Region and GTA homeowners have continuously relied on our bathroom renovations services to save them on repairs, maintenance and installations.

Bathroom Light Fixtures

Besides improving on your water consumption and improving your plumbing. A modern bathroom can also help improve your energy consumption. When you decide to do lighting for your bathroom renovation project. Contact V Star Renovation for any lighting project you may have for you coming bathroom renovation needs; we service clients throughout out Durham Region and GTA.

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